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The Smith Company
1919 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Suite LL1
Washington DC 20006
(202) 895-0900
Fax (202) 895-0910
Reaching the Future through the Telephone

The Smith Company  is a trailblazer. From the start, we broke with tradition and set out to provide far more than the typical “full service” telemarketing firm. We wanted to give our clients what others had not:

bullet A personal commitment to each and every project
bullet Customized services
bullet A highly skilled and professional telemarketing staff
bullet Cutting edge technology – and all while keeping client fees as low as possible

Topnotch, customized, personal service, coupled with the right technology and staff does make a difference. That's why, from 1980 until today, hundreds of businesses and nonprofit organizations have relied on The Smith Company for their telemarketing needs. It's really quite simple: We treat each telemarketing project as if we are the client. That means you get exactly what we would expect –no less than the best.

 E-mail us at:  mslewion@thesmithco.com